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To sail at Cransley Sailing Club you need to be a member of the club.

Membership fees for current members are due to be paid by 28th February 2017

Please complete the 2017 membership form and return to the Membership Secretary.  

Click here for word document     Click here for pdf document

An annual family membership costs just 36p a day, an adult individual membership 27p a day and a youth/student individual membership just 12p a day.   

Far cheaper than the majority of gym memberships!! 

Cransley Sailing Club Membership Fees
from 1st March 2017
Cransley Sailing Club is a members only club
Family Membership               £130
 Individual Membership          £100 
 Social Membership           £35                     
Individual Student                  £45
or Youth Membership

A student/youth is a person in full-time or 
further education i.e. at school, college or university who is under the age of 25.
Member's Guests               £10

Dinghy Park Berth Fees 2017
1st dinghy - £70                   Dinghies parked in the dinghy park must carry at least third party insurance cover
additional dinghies - £43

RYA Joining Point

We are an RYA Joining Point - Click here to go to the membership section of the RYA website.  

When joining please use reference number 008100274