Welcome to Cransley Sailing Club

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Cransley SC local rules: Sailors please be aware that you will be given a result for the dinghy you sail (and rig used), if you sail multiple boats in a race series you will receive a result for each of the dinghies that you sail which may affect your overall position in the series.

We use Sailwaive to calculate our race results, ISAF Appendix A-8-1 which counts the most firsts, seconds etc (without discards) 

If you have any queries relating to your results please contact Sarah Austin, Sailing Secretary
Mad March (ST Holford Plumbers)
Final Results
Winner Nigel Austin    Runner Up Stuart Pybus
Spring Series (Cransley Eco Park)
Winner: Nigel Austin   Runner Up Peter Stein
Cransley Cup (Simply Planning), Youth & Laser Cups
Final Results     Winner: Cransley Cup  Nigel Austin   Runner Up Peter Stein     
Winner: Laser Series Mark Cortis   Runner Up Niamh Lockley
Winner: Youth Series Niamh Lockey   Runner Up Emily Britton
Northamptonshire Youth Sailing Event - 19th May at Cransley SC                        Overall Winner        Topper, Fast & Slow Fleets
Northamptonshire Youth Sailing Event - 15th June at Hollowell SC                      Overall Winner        Topper, Fast & Slow Fleets
Northamptonshire Youth Sailing Event - 14th September at Northants SC  
Northamptonshire Youth Sailing Event - 5th October at Banbury SC 
Tuesday Series (Best 4 U Insurance) & Tuesday Ladies Series (John Linnell)
Final Results      Winner Arran Britton   Runner Up Ian Pidd         
Ladies Series - Winner Emily Britton   Runner Up Gretta Davies
Late Tuesday Series - Committee Cup
starts 2nd July ends 24th September
Final Results    Winner Julie Aves    Runner Up John Linnell
Austin Challenge (Austin Family) & Ladies Series (Nathia Gray Memorial Cup)
Final Results       Winner Emily Britton   Runner Up Andrew Heald      
Ladies Series Winner Emily Britton    Runner Up Gretta Davies
Cransley Committee Cup & Over 50's Cup (Corby Kilns Ltd)
Final Results       Winner: Charlie Sleet      Runner Up Phil Davies          Over 50's: Winner Phil Davies   Runner Up Stuart Pybus
Summer Series (Berrill Family)
starts 22nd June ends 3rd August
Final Results   Winner: Peter Stein   Runner Up: Andrew Heald
Beacon Pursuit Race
Final Results 14.9.19    Winner: Nigel Austin    Runner Up: Julie Aves
Double Handed Series (Lesley Johnson shield)
starts 30th March ends 26th October
Comet Duo Nationals - 29th June
Results   Winner Nigel Austin     Runner Up Peter Stein
Comet Open 21 July
Commodore's Cup (Sue Bull) & Rookie Cup
starts 30th June ends 4th August
Final Results   Winner Commodore's Cup: Charlie Sleet    Runner Up: Stuart Pybus
Founder's Cup
Final Results 21.9.19:  Winner: Stuart Pybus   Runner Up: John Linnell
Austin Family Cup
Final Results 15.9.19    Winner: John Townsend   Runner Up: Mark Cortis
Final Fling 
starts 28th September ends 26th October
Final Results 26.10.19   Winner: Gretta Davies   Runner Up: John Linnell
Autumn Cup & Comet (Bill Webster Memorial Cup)
Final Results 27.10.19  Autumn: Winner Arran Britton   Runner Up: John Linnell
Comet Series: Winner: John Linnell   Runner Up: Nigel Austin
Frostbite Series
starts 2nd November ends 24th November
Final Results 30.11.19   Winner: Sarah Austin   Runner Up: Nigel Austin