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Nathia Gray 

passed away 1.3.2017

This picture was taken at Blakeney sailing 'Freya' with her good friend Judy Taylor.

Funeral Arrangements

I'm afraid I have to write with more sad news so soon after Bill Websters death.  Yesterday evening, 1st March 2017 Nathia Gray passed away after very bravely and privately fighting cancer for quite a while.  Nathia had been a member for a long time, not quite a founder but near enough, and was extremely fond of the place.  She loved to sail, a while back in a Mirror and more recently crewing with Ivan Brown in his Enterprise, but really anyone she could hook up with.  I was extremely fortunate to sail with Nathia last year in the Commodores Cup when her illness was creeping up on her, but her positive attitude and pragmatism shown through as did her competitiveness as she spurred us on to victory!  

Even in January on the Annual walk Nathia's enthusiasm was not dimmed, she was so looking forward to seeing her granddaughter learning to sail this summer, and was keen to hear of the future plans for the club.  

Nathia helped forge a link with Loddington School, who for the past 2 years have visited us and we have had nearly 50 pupils do taster sessions in this time (with Nathia and Judy doing a sedate sail in Freya to tempt them in! - slightly tamer then their Wednesday lunchtime sailing picnics with a glass or two!).  As a classroom assistant Nathia excelled and many of our younger members will, I am sure fondly remember her kindness both at school and at the club.

Alot of the time Nathia appeared from nowhere! - as she walked from Loddington to the club along the dam.  I am sure that like Bill, Nathia will be with us when we sail in the future, spurring us on.  We will miss you lots but we will not forget you, Nathia.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband,Terry and her family.  Nigel Austin, Commodore CSC