Welcome to Cransley Sailing Club

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Sailing Club duties

Safety cover please be on the water 30 minutes prior to sailing time

Race officer please allow yourself plenty of time to set the course in time for the first race

Sailing times: March and November on the water at 1.30pm
April to October on the water at 2.30pm to 5pm
Tuesdays on the water at 7pm (April to June) 6.30pm (July to September)

Thursday Social Sailing June to August on the water at 7pm
Go to DutyMan to check out if you are on duty

Failure to turn up for a duty may result in the cancellation of that days sailing.

Safety cover

Safety cover - please arrive in plenty of time to check fuel levels and ensure that all equipment is onboard.

It is suggested that you are on the water 30 minutes prior to sailing starting. Sailors should not be allowed on the water during organised sessions without safety boat cover being present.

Please have two safety boats available, one for you to drive and another hooked up to the pontoon in case a second safety boat is required for a rescue.

Safety boats are not to be used for joy riding and a passenger should only be onboard if they are able to assist you with a rescue

Please ensure that you have a two way radio with you at all times

Duty Hut - race officer

Duty Hut – Please ensure that the following information is written down on the sailing sheets:

1. Class of boat for example Laser, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, Laser 2, Comet, Comet Mino or Comet Duo. This information is required as results are calculated on the type of boat sailed check out the PY Ratings of the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick

2. Sail number

3. Name of sailor and  name of crew if in a double handed boat

It is important that this information is written down to enable us to calculate the day's race results as without a name and class of boat a sailor will not be given a race time.

All the information you require to record the races and set the course are in the duty box in the club house

Please ensure that you have a two-way radio with you

It is your responsibility in consultation with the safety boat driver to cancel a race/sailing session if weather conditions are such that it makes sailing dangerous.