Welcome to Cransley Sailing Club

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept any SUP membership applications.  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for membership of the SUP section please email principal.cransleysailingclub@gmail.com 

To SUP at Cransley Sailing Club you need to be a member of the club.  

You can buddy SUP outside of sailing opening hours but you may not SUP alone.

Once your membership is verbally accepted please go to Join Us to sign up for membership via WebCollect

New members useful information - you must read this before you join to the club

RYA Paddleboarding

SUP YouTube Videos 

Guideline for SUP Members

3LSUPs was born Feb 14, 2019, by the Griffith, Mobbs and Patrick families with the intention of providing respite for cancer suffering families, mental health victims, and adults/children encountering learning difficulties by removing them for a short time from their daily routines and creating everlasting memories.

As a member of Cransley Sailing Club, you are remarkably lucky and privileged to have access to this majestic natural ecosystem and be part of the limited member SUP section of the club.

Recreation SUPPING has been approved by Cransley SC and due to the natural environment, the following rules apply when supping:

All SUP members are bound by, and must familiarise themselves with the Cransley SC Rules, Bye-Laws, Health and Safety Policies & Procedures 

(please see useful documents) with the following exceptions :-

Bye Law 2. SUP Members must be off site by 9pm at the latest.  Lone Paddle boarding is NOT permitted.

Bye Law 9 - SUP Members may pass the duty hut to navigate the water.

Weather conditions

The weather conditions must be assessed before going afloat. If a thunder and lightening storm is imminent SUP members must not go afloat. If already on the water the SUP members must exit the water safely  and as quickly as possible.

Types of craft

Non standard construction boards are now widely available and may not prove safe.

Solid paddle boards with built in buoyancy or Inflatable paddle boards of drop-stitch construction are recommended.

If a non standard board (inflatable or otherwise) is not deemed safe by the sailing club committee then the SUP member will be asked to leave the water immediately and not return with that particular board.


a. All members using their own equipment must hold third party liability insurance 

b. Approved buoyancy aids must be worn when afloat at all times.

c. SUP members must wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions and water temperature.

d. Any paddle board deemed unfit for use by the Commodore, Harbour Master or sailing/SUP committee members will not be allowed on the water.

e. A minimum distance of two meters must be maintained between the dam, main jetty and all boat launching areas.

f.  Paddle boards must be launched and recovered from the SUP slipway and shore and not the main jetty or dinghy launching areas.

g. Paddle- boarders must be off site by 9pm.

h. A leash must be worn by paddle-boarders at all times whilst afloat

Paddle Boarding Areas

a. Paddle boards should only land on the sailing foreshore areas in an emergency.

b. Paddle boards will avoid areas of water in use for club racing.

c. Paddle boards will give a wide berth to fishermen around the shore.

d. Paddle boards will navigate the circumference of the lake maintaining a maximum distance of 10 meters from the shore line.

e. A minimum distance of 2 meters must be maintained between the dam, main jetty and all boat launching areas

f. Paddle boards may pass the duty hut to navigate the circumference of the site.


On arrival on site, and before removing a paddle board from site it must be checked, cleaned and dried in accordance with the clubs invasive species policy

If you own a canoe and/or kayak you cannot use it at Cransley.


As contained within the club rules all SUP members must not litter the site.

All SUP members must take steps to reduce any impact on the natural environment and eco structure of the site, avoiding nesting areas and minimising disruption to wildlife.

Any SUP member not complying with the club rules, bye-laws or SUP guidelines will be be asked to remove themselves from the club and will no longer be eligible for membership. A person will not be allowed as a guest if they have been asked to leave the club.